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Shane’s questions

Okej, I’m gonna do this one in english, sorry all swedes.
The reason for that is because i saw this video just now and I thought I could answers the questions in it, since I don’t have anything to blogg about anyway :p


The questions:
1 best and worst year of school
2 haircut you wish you could pull off
3 if u could live as a character in a movie who would it be?
4 favorite youtuber
5 make up a word. what does it mean?
6 amusement park or lay in bed?
7 weirdest thing you’ve been asked by a parent?

1. Best year was 6th grade before we had to split the class where I had my friends, I was actually crying about that back then but then I was only 12 :p
Worst had to be the last year of gymnasium cause I didn’t have any friends at all and I had big troubles just leaving home and during that whole year I only finished one subject which was religion.
2. Since I have already had pink hair I would love to try hair like gaga, yellow you know.
3. Hm, um, you know, maybe, um, Forrest Gump? He just takes life as it comes to him.
4. Duh, dumb question, if people haven’t heard about Shane Dawson then they are seriously missing out!
5. Is holy schmoly a word? Well its two words but does it excist?
6. I stay home too much so i would have to choose the amusement park cause i just looooove that adrenaline :p
7. My memory sucks so can’t really think of anything but its usually just what different words mean like hacker maybe, don’t know, wow… boring answer, sorry!



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