Anorexic | Aida




I think i have had like very mind version of anorexia since i was 12. It all started when i noticed that ppl were laughing when they saw me and whenever i sat down i was looking at my legs and just hated how big they were. It never stopped. For each year it got just worse and worse.

Now im not eating carbs at all. I read on everything i eat if i can eat it or not. Even things like berries which has little carbs i dont wanna eat. I eat as little as possible and i try to skip lunch or just eat so my stomach doesnt hurt. Im losing a lot of hair. My nails breaks so i have to cut them as short as possible. My legs hurts whenever i exercise just tiny bit. I weigh myself everyday and whenever i gain weigh or stay the same i get really depressed and just wanna cut. I check my bmi as soon as i lost just 0.1kg. I hate myself if i see that my stomach is sticking out. I sleep at least 10h per day.

Yet people say i cant have anorexia cause im fat. Nice thing to say, just makes me even more depressed and wanna eat even less. Diedre is like “-.-“, i bet she is just thinking im retarded which i am also.




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